TFA Dostmann Moxx Digital Thermo-Hygrometer, Multi-Colour, 9.9 x 7.5 x 2.6 cm

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The Moxx digital thermo-hygrometer is a multifunctional, dual display device that can be wall mounted or table standing. Simply place in the desired indoor room and begin monitoring temperature and humidity levels immediately. Featuring a maximum and minimum memory storage function, enabling users to check the highest and lowest recorded settings, as well as the current readings. The device also features a comfort level indicator that displays a smiley face when the humidity level is within the ideal range (between 40% and 60%). The Moxx is perfect for bathrooms and essential for preventing mould and mildew in the home (humidity levels above 50% indicate a high level of moisture in the air and a much higher chance of mould and mildew forming.)

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